Characteristic Etudes - premiere in Lanckorona

Young musicians will have the opportunity to experience an unusual summer adventure once again in a charming corner of Malopolska, in Lanckorona. The International Guitar Workshops have been organized there for 11 years. This year, among the lecturers there are: Piotr Domagała, Iwona Grabowska (leader of the guitar orchestra), Michał Nagy, Marek Nosal, Andrzej Olewiński, Michał Pindakiewicz, Paweł Kwaśny, Leszek Potasiński, Petr Saidl, Marcin Siatkowski, Aleksander Wilgos and our author - Tatiana Stachak. Students can also take part in the harp workshops led by Arianna Savall, choral classes and improvisation workshops under the direction of Petter Udland Johansen and poetry classes with Bronisław Maj.
Euterpe Music Publishing House warmly invites you to a meeting with Tatiana Stachak Cafe Arka, July 18th, 2018, 5:00 PM). The guitarist will present her latest compositions -Characteristic Etudes. These are carefully thought-out, easy and nice to play pieces, although they are dedicated to improve playing technique. The etudes will be published in two notebooks.
See you in Lanckorona!

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