Review of music by Mikołaj Górecki

The Works for String Orchestra album with Mikołaj Górecki's music, released by DUX Recording Producers with the Publishing House EUTERPE patronage, was enthusiastically reviewed by Dominy Clements:

(...) Mikołaj Górecki’s work is superbly crafted at the very least, and at its best can sound inspired and inspiring.
This CD is full of good things and there’s not a weak piece to be heard anywhere. The Overture has a bracing cinematic quality amongst those driving rhythms and syncopations (...). The Three Fragments opens with some moments which suggest the influence of Messiaen (...). A change in instrumental colour is welcomed in the Three Intermezzi, which has the unusual concertino setting of two clarinets and string orchestra. Here the opening is a fairly complex but brief and witty statement, the clarinets joining and then flying away from their accompanists with moments of faux-mourning and ironic laughter. The central is lovely; once again with a distinct flavour of Messiaen (...). The final Molto animato is another feather in the soloists’ caps, with virtuoso highs taken with great élan.

(...) We can indeed make an educated guess at the thoughts behind the moving Farewell, but whatever the impetus its tapestry of impassioned string sound is a very fitting conclusion to a superbly performed and very well recorded programme of a highly talented composer’s music. If you like the Polish ‘sound’ then this will soon become a favourite amongst others in your collection, and I will certainly be looking out for more from Mikołaj Górecki."

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