DROŻDŻOWSKI, Mirosław (*1964)

Guitarist, composer, educator and vocalist. In the years 1987-91, Drożdżowski studied at the Łódź Academy of Music, in the guitar class of Prof. Jerzy Nalepka. Drożdżowski’s students have been the recipients of more than one hundred awards at guitar competitions at home and abroad. He has composed over 800 solo guitar pieces and chamber pieces with the guitar, in various styles. He is the author of over 200 transcriptions and arrangements for the guitar. He has also written 50 songs to the poems of Witold Stawski for the poetry-music group Przeznaczenie [Destiny], of which he is also a member. His compositions are often included in the obligatory repertoires of national and international competitions and festivals (including the National Guitar Competition in the Works of Polish Composers – Tomaszów Mazowiecki, 2009; the Gitaromania National Guitar Competition – Karpacz, 2006; the International Guitar Music Festival – Rewal, Trzęsacz, 2004; the Renesans Gitary International Guitar Festival – Gomel, Belarus, 2006; and the International Guitar Meeting – Sanok, 2009). Drożdżowski has worked with the top rock bands in Poland. His works have appeared in the guitar magazines Świat Gitary [Guitar World] and Białoruska Gitara [Belarusian Guitar]. He is a twice winner of the International Competition on the Best Composition for Children’s Musical Schools – Gomel, Belarus, 2003, 2006. In 2007, he was awarded the National Education Commission Medal for outstanding contribution to education and upbringing. Collections of Mirosław Drożdżowski’s works are published in Poland and in Germany and receive very good reviews in guitar magazines including Seicorde (Italy) and Classical Guitar (UK).

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