FLIS, Małgorzata (*1962)

Flis practices painting, pastels, illustration, graphic design and ceramics. She studied at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts Department of Graphic Arts from 1980 to 1985, where she obtained her diploma in the Book and Typography Studio of Roman Banaszewski. Painting and drawing she studied at the studio of Zbysław Maciejewski, whilst ceramics she studied at the studio of Ludwika Szemioth-Bursa. Flis has participated in painting and ceramics exhibitions and shows including the Ceramics Biennale in Książ, the Biennale of Sacred Art in Opole, Kraków Painting Salons and Kraków Ceramics Shows, and numerous open-air exhibitions. In 1990, she received a scholarship from the National Forum Foundation in Washington as a book artist. She works with many publishers and advertising agencies in Poland and abroad, and has been working with EUTERPE since 2003.

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