Composer, arranger, pedagogue. Studied musical theory and composition in the class of K. Penderecki at the Academy of Music in Kraków. Currently, she is employed there as a professor of theoretical courses. Her compositions have been presented at numerous international festivals, among them included the “International Festival of Kraków Composers” and the “International Chamber Music Festival – Music on the Heights”, and performed in countries such as Belarus, Japan and Slovakia. Her more notable works: Monolit for three violins, Sounds and Rustles for percussion, Adagio for oboe and strings, Historia Wszechświata for mixed choir, organ and orchestra, Trio for oboe, harp and cello, 5 Songs for soprano, voice-flute and harp, Fantazja Rajski potok for piano, Fantasia for oboe, viola and piano, 10 Christmas Carols for mixed choir a cappella, of which three (Z Niebieskiego Dworu, Jak to dobrze Boże Dziecię, W ubogiej stajence) were awarded at the National Christmas Carol Contest in Myślenice in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. She is also the composer of chamber pieces for children and adolescents, as well as pieces for school orchestras and choirs. Dedicated towards young musicians is a collection of 21 carols, entitled Gore gwiazda Jezusowi, for varied chamber ensembles, published by the Publishing House EUTERPE. In the year 2016, she received 2nd place at the Composition Competition Legnica Cantat for Stabat Mater for solo soprano, mixed choir, timpani and marimba, while a year later managed to secure 1st place with the composition Psalm 150 for mixed choir, marimba, timpani and bells.

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