KARŁOWICZ, Mieczysław (1876-1909)

Polish composer, conductor, journalist, photographer and mountaineer. At the age of seven, he began to play the violin in Rosenkrantz’s class; he continued under Jan Jakowski and Stanisław Barcewicz (1889-1895). At the same time, he studied harmony under the direction of Zygmunt Noskowski and Piotr Maszyński, and counterpoint and musical forms under Gustaw Roguski. In 1895-1900, he studied under Heinrich Urban in Berlin. After completing his studies in 1901, returned to Poland and began work with the Warsaw Music Society. Most important among Karłowicz’s works are his symphonic poems including The Returning Waves, Eternal Songs, Stanisław and Anna Oświecim and A Sorrowful Tale. He was the first Polish composer to so boldly reach for the heights of European music, creatively handling late-Romantic chromaticism, leitmotif technique and the rich instrumentation. These achievements ensured Karłowicz’s fame as the preeminent Polish symphonist.

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