SŁAWIŃSKI, Adam (*1935)

Composer. Sławiński was born on 27th November 1935 in Leśniczówka, near Warszawa [Warsaw]. He studied musicology at the University of Warsaw. During his studies, he began his work as a journalist for the magazines Ruch Muzyczny [Musical Movement] and Jazz. In the years 1957-1963, he was music editor - and producer - at Telewizja Polska [Polish Television]. There he made his debut as a composer of music for Teatr Telewizji [Television Theatre] and for Agnieszka Osiecka’s series Listy śpiewające [Singing Letters]. These songs later became known in their own right. Sławiński has also worked with Wojciech Młynarski and, later, with Jeremi Przybora. These first works gave rise to proposals from filmmakers: Sławiński is the author of music for many films, including the series Chłopi [The Peasants], Komediantka [The Comedienne] (based on the novels of Władysław Reymont) and Najdłuższa wojna nowoczesnej Europy [The Longest War of Modern Europe]. Since 1970, he has composed works of contemporary classical music - Upamiętnienie [Imperishable] for mezzo-soprano, retuned piano and tape, to the words of Wisława Szymborska; Ballada for six percussionists; Canto for string orchestra; Pulsar for percussion and tape; and Intermezzo for string quartet. Among his more popular works are his “Finished” symphony for mezzo-soprano, bass, choir and orchestra, to the words of Jeremi Przybora; and his musical fairy-tale for young listeners Lis Witalis [Witalis the Fox] (based on the tales of Jan Brzechwa) for singing actors, choir and orchestra. Sławiński is a member of - and has worked in the leadership of - the Polish Composers’ Union. He also worked for a short time at Polskie Radio [Polish Radio] - From 1990 to 1991, he was director of the Second Programme.

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