STACHAK, Tatiana - Invitation to the Waltz

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instrumentation: Guitar
ISMN: 9790801507433
illustrations: Małgorzata Flis
editor: Marcin Kowalczyk
number of pages: 28

1. Invitation to the Waltz    
2. Waltz on a Melancholic Note    
3. Waltz-Smile
4. Waltz Sent in a Letter    
5. Frosted Waltz    
6. Federico – Venezuelan Waltz
7. Carmen – Tango Waltz    
8. The Only Waltz of its Kind    
9. Café Waltz
10. Parisian Waltz    
11. Waltz brillante    
12. Peruvian Waltz Rosita
13. Waltz-Falling in Love    
14. Old-Time Moving Picture Waltz

The idea behind Invitation to the Waltz was to create a collection which would present some of the many and varied manifestations and styles of this enduringly popular musical form. The fourteen pieces are linked by their very nature as dance music, with their pulsing, triple-time melodies. Nonetheless, every one of these waltzes is different and thus the entire collection is not even remotely monotonous. The individual pieces are exactly that, individual, differing in tempo, character and style. They include compositions which allude to the romantic, brillante genre and to the French valse-musette; there are also miniatures set in a Latin-American atmosphere, or recreating the mood of the pavement café and nostalgic pieces reflecting the melodies of yesteryear. The pieces, of moderate technical difficulty, are characterised by their clear and legible facture, their simplicity of form, and their melodies which, once heard, will easily be remembered.

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