RYBICKI, Feliks - Album for the Young

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instrumentation: Piano
Małgorzata Flis
Ewa Próchniak, Marcin Kowalczyk
number of pages:

1. Sonatina I    
2. Waltz    
3. Fairy Tale    
4. Polka    
5. Mazurka    
6. Dance
7. The Album Leaf    
8. Quasi Waltz    
9. Sonatina II

Album for the Young contains compositions, which in the mind of the composer are a continuation of the well known series I Begin to Play, I am Already Playing, I Can Play Everything and they are meant to accompany a young pianist from the fourth to sixth, or even later years of piano classes. The main part of the collection is the series of Op. 25 miniatures, which the composer called Album. The notebook is supplemented by two Sonatinas without opus. All these miniatures are assembled in this publication according to the degree of difficulty. Each of the compositions, while maintaining characteristic style of Rybicki, has a new surprise: one can find here romantic Waltz, comic Dance, retro Polka, but also freshly toned Sonatinas that develop musical imagination. One can therefore conclude that Feliks Rybicki’s Album for the Young has the chance to become such a canon for young pianists, just as Albums for the Young by Robert Schumann or Peter Tchaikovsky.

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