TWARDOWSKI, Romuald - Let's Make Music. Violin duos for children

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instrumentation: 2 Violins
ISMN: 9790801507464
editors: Marcin Kowalczyk, Andrzej Gębski, Anna Betley-Gębska

illustrations: Elżbieta Wasiuczyńska
number of pages: 24


1. Echo
2. Bird Talk
3. A Little Chinese Boy
4. A Day Out
5. Dumka
6. On an Italian Note
7. On a Lithuanian Note
8. On a Russian Note
9. On a Tatra Highland's Note
10. Far Away, Beyond the Forest
11. A Star Shines Bright
12. Melody
13. Lullaby
14. Waltz
15. Etude
16. The Squirrel

This collection of pieces for two violins was commisioned by EUTERPE in 2009, primarily with a view to encouraging beginners to make music together on a small scale. At the same time, the composer discreetly introduces a contemporary sound, for instance, by using brief chromatic progressions and intensifying the tonal melody of one voice by crossing it with the dissonance that sings out from the second. The collection accustoms children to modern sound, providing an accessible presentation of contemporary music.

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