GÓRECKI, Mikołaj Piotr - Overture Op. 16

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instrumentation: String Quartet (score and parts)
ISMN: 9790801507495
cover design: Małgorzata Flis
editor: Marcin Kowalczyk
number of pages: 16+5+5+5+5

Overture for string quartet was written in 2000. A work in one movement, it has an internal division into three sections, whilst the entirety is bound together by a "vitalistic" leading leitmotif presented by the individual instruments. It is characterised by an oscillation between tonality and atonality. The dissonant motif goes hand in hand with gentle-sounding chords and vice versa, tonal melodies are accompanied by atonal harmonies. These contrasts mean that harmonics play the most crucial role in the forming of the work. Expressing his views on one occasion, the composer himself emphasised its importance against the background of his oeuvre, saying that: For me, harmony is one of the most critical elements of music, of our music, too, newly-written.

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