MACIEJEWSKI, Roman - Quintet

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instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (score and parts)
ISMN: 9790801507570
cover design: Małgorzata Flis
editor: Marcin Kowalczyk
number of pages: 40+16+12+16+12+12

Quintet was written in Los Angeles in 1971 at the request of the composition students whom Maciejewski had jokingly described as “hopelessly ensnared in a world of twelve notes”. Quintet was intended to demonstrate that, despite the fact that it discards classical harmony, the twelve-tone technique can be used to write tonal compositions. A Neoclassical work, it draws inspiration from both Polish folk music and American jazz. As Maciejewski himself described it,  This “Quintet” will take the form of a double variation on “Oh, the hop plant, the hop plant”  [an ancient Polish folk song – ed.] and a twelve-note range treated exceedingly romantically and with a rather extensive double fugue as its finale.

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