FLOREK, Lidia; TOMERA-CHMIEL, Ilona; STACHAK, Tatiana - Our Music 3. Handbook for aural development for pupils at music schools

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ISBN: 9788388867064
editor: Marcin Kowalczyk
illustrations: Małgorzata Flis

number of pages: 140

Our Music (Nasza muzyka) series has got the advantages of a handbook and a practical, user-friendly exercise book. The handbooks have been carefully compiled and a lot of attention was given to ensure accurate connection between the issues concerning the development of rhythmic and pitch as well as basic terms used in the theory of music. Their distinguishing feature is the introduction of many creative exercises concerning composition and improvisation as well as emphasis on the development of musical imagination and awareness of the students at the very beginning of their education. Graphical design of the books has been prepared to meet very high standards. They are colour books with the pictures by Małgorzata Flis. Colour frames and icons, enlarged font of the notes, wide staffs and very legible text font make it very easy for children to follow the instructions. Modern structure of the handbooks and logical, accuarate method of presenting the contents and issues help to introduce a completely new quality on the publishing market.

only available in Polish

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