STACHAK, Tatiana - Invitation to the Waltz - CD

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performer: Michał Nagy
total playing time: 26'51''
instrumentation: Guitar
cover design: Małgorzata Flis

This CD contains all pieces from bestselling guitar publication Invitation to the Waltz recorded here by Michał Nagy:
1. Invitation to the Waltz, 2. Waltz on a Melancholic Note, 3. Waltz-Smile, 4. Waltz Sent in a Letter, 5. Frosted Waltz, 6. Federico – Venezuelan Waltz, 7. Carmen – Tango Waltz, 8. The Only Waltz of its Kind, 9. Café Waltz, 10. Parisian Waltz, 11. Waltz brillante, 12. Peruvian Waltz Rosita, 13. Waltz-Falling in Love, 14. Old-Time Moving Picture Waltz, bonus tracks from guitar handbook Extra Class Guitar: 15. Waltz for Susan, 16. Tango pizzicato

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