DROŻDŻOWSKI, Mirosław - All Year Round with the Guitar

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instrumentation: Guitar
ISMN: 9790801507426
illustrations: Anna Sędziwy
editor: Tatiana Stachak
number of pages: 32

1. Spring Dream
2. The Tulip Swing
3. May Lullaby
4. Bossa for Every Day
5. When Lilacs are Blooming           
6. Holiday Ragtime
7. In the Middle of the Summer           
8. Rainbow Song           
9. Rumba under the Palm Trees
10. Sunny Country           
11. Milonga at Sunset           
12. Autumn Ballad
13. First Chestnuts           
14. Rainy Impression           
15. Blues for Shorter Days
16. Tango of the Golden Leaves           
17. November Reverie           
18. Snow outside the Window
19. Winter Story           
20. Blues by the Fireplace           
21. Frosty Graffiti
22. Ragtime for New Year 

This collection is aimed at beginners and intermediate guitarists. It contains pieces covering a variety of styles: from joyful ragtime and striking blues, to romantic waltzes, melodious ballades, and miniatures maintained in the Latin American style. The common feature of these compositions is the melody, the clear harmony, the transparent texture, the clear form, and the level of difficulty – which has been maintained throughout. The effects and guitar techniques applied in the songs, i.e. rasgueado, pizzicato, flageolets, tremolo, tapping the guitar body, enabled to highlight the richness of the colour and verbal abilities of this instrument. The works have been organised into four groups associated with the seasons of the year. This is why the album starts with a few “spring” miniatures; next the “hot rhythms of the summer”, then the “autumn impressions”, full of reverie and nostalgia, and lastly compositions which conjure up “winter images”.

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