COFALIK, Antoni; TWARDOWSKI, Romuald - At the Zoo

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instrumentation: Violin and Piano
ISMN: 9790801507419
editor: Marcin Kowalczyk
illustrations: Marcin Bruchnalski

number of pages: 16+20


1. Let's Go to the Zoo, 2. Kangaroo, 3. Bear, 4. Ponny, 5. Reindeer, 6. Two Little Donkeys, 7. Crocodile, 8. Beavers,
9. Elephant, 10. Grasshopper, 11. Ants, 12. Lion, 13. Antilope, 14. Seal, 15. Our Dear Pupils

This is a cycle of 15 miniatures for violin and piano suitable for the first two or three years of lessons. Each of the pieces is devoted to specific technical difficulty that pupils must master in their early years of lessons. Among other things, the basic forms of violin articulation are covered: détaché, martelé, staccato. Learners will also encounter dotted rhythms, syncopations, the division of the bow, the changing of strings, and certain aspects of dexterity. Romuald Twardowski's sonorous and deft piano accompaniments skillfully capture and complement the mood of each piece while lending just the right colour to the violin part.

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