TWARDOWSKI, Romuald - Pastorale e Danza

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EU 0804

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instrumentation: violin and piano
ISMN: 9790801507310
cover design: Małgorzata Flis
editors: Tatiana Stachak, Marcin Kowalczyk, Andrzej Gębski
number of pages: 16+6

Pastorale e Danza was composed in 1999. The composition was dedicated to prof. Mirosław Ławrynowicz and performed for the first time on 8th May 2000 at the Warsaw Music Meetings (Warszawskie Spotkania Muzyczne) by Andrzej Gębski (violin) and Bartłomiej Rybak (piano). The author of the composition often emphasises that Pastorale e Danza is the first consciously written piece representing the third current in his work. He defines this trend as a Post-modern Classicism, characterised by simplicity of composition both in harmony and melody. Romuald Twardowski also stresses the fact that the title of the work quite accurately reflects its mood and character: a passionate dance (Danza) combining various folk themes is preceded by Pastorale - a kind of idyll with a varying mood.

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